To live lives worth living.


Signature Pavilion:
Future of Life

Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, Japan’s core thematic projects are based in the signature pavilions, which eight separate people will produce. This website provides information about the signature pavilion produced by ISHIGURO Hiroshi, one of Japan’s foremost roboticists.

VR Space

A Virtual Pavilion
You Can Enjoy Online

A virtual pavilion that can be enjoyed online before the real one opens. The signature pavilion has been expanded, allowing you to experience “new life” through a pavilion space free from the limitations of physical matter. During the Expo, you can also visit the actual pavilion as a CG avatar or robot avatar from this space.

Future Life, Together

Future of Life
Co-creation Project 2025

This is a co-creation project by members with diverse backgrounds. As possibilities expand more and more through the development of technology, we take a look at what society and life might be like in fifty years’ time from a range of viewpoints, including living, towns, health, mobility, and work. Some of the ideas created will be presented as future scenarios and technologies in the pavilion and in the Future Theater.