Future Project

this Project

This is a co-creation project by members with diverse backgrounds. As possibilities expand more and more through the development of technology, we join with companies to take a look at what society and life might be like in fifty years’ time from a range of viewpoints, including living, towns, health, mobility, and work.

At meetings of the seven participating companies, we searched for the future of life from a broad perspective, by having the people responsible at each company creating the future exchange opinions with the producer and creators. Some of the ideas created will be presented in the Future Theater, inside the signature pavilion, as seven future scenarios and technologies.


Co-creation Project Participant Companies

As a corporate group creating homes and lifestyles, Haseko is involved in a number of businesses, with a focus on condominium construction. Our business field is closely connected with how humans live, so we need to present how humans will live in the future. Together with you, we want to depict a future where anyone can live a rich life the way they want, not merely a comfortable or convenient one.
KOKUYO is developing its business in the areas of "Work, Learn, and Live," and defines the future as "a self-directed, collaborative society” in which everyone can work, live, and connect with each other with vitality. Through the co-creation of the Ishiguro Pavilion with other participating companies, we are committed to facing social issues and the changing values of the world, and we will continue to express a future in which each and every one of us shines brightly.
Shionogi is transforming itself from a drug discovery-based pharmaceutical company to a company which provides a range of healthcare services in order to pursue the health that people truly desire and deliver unprecedented new value to society. We will create the future of healthcare through co-creating with our external partners based on ideas unbound by existing concepts.
In line with its mission of “shaping the advancement of healthcare,” Sysmex works to contribute to the development of healthcare and the healthy lives of people. The world of future healthcare, brought about by dramatic technological innovations, will be depicted by seeking out not just the body, but how people should be; the spirit that is their essence.
“Future society” is also “future care.” Fusing techniques and expertise accumulated by care businesses nationwide with the new technologies and products owned or developed by companies or specialist organizations, we aim to solve problems in care and create new care for future societies, working together to create “future care” where the life of the elderly can shine forth.
A place to encounter future society, and have a dialogue with the life there. That is Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, Japan. With the theme of “future mobility,” we imagine what the mobility of people living in the future will be, and what future mobility would be like. We will depict an exciting and thrilling future, a society where the act of mobility itself stimulates human curiosity, and achieves growth and prosperous lives.
Our corporate group supports people’s lives, colors their lives, and proposes enriched lifestyles. By taking part in the World Expo held in Osaka, Kansai, where we operate many businesses, we hope to both present messages for the future society and, at the same time, create an opportunity for many people both in Japan and around the world to experience the appeal of Osaka, Kansai, and our own company.