[Q&A with Partner Companies #2] How have you interpreted the name of the pavilion and its themes? How do they relate to your company?

[Q&A with Partner Companies #2] How have you interpreted the name of the pavilion and its themes? How do they relate to your company?

A large number of companies are taking part in the signature pavilion, “Future of Life,” each of which endorses the themes of the pavilion and the approaches of Producer ISHIGURO Hiroshi. In this series of articles, we intend to showcase what ideas, visions, and initiatives these companies have come up with in response to the themes of the pavilion and of the Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, Japan as a whole. In this second article, we asked partner companies for their responses to the following two questions: How have you interpreted the name of the pavilion, Future of Life, and its theme, Amplification of Lives? and How do they relate to your company?

HASEKO Corporation


As technology progresses, so “life” will be freed from all manner of restrictions. In the future, we will transcend the boundaries of the real world and of humankind, social norms will be transformed, and our business of “houses and homes” will undoubtedly undergo a similarly significant change. By accepting the diversity of life and further expanding its possibilities, our goal is to offer a vision of “houses and homes” that empower all people to live the lives they wish.



We believe that the idea of “life” is inextricably linked to a future in which diverse lifestyles and diverse values abound, and in which we will be encouraged to find lifestyles that suit us. Indeed, we believe that our business domain of “learning” can expand the possibilities of “life” in a limitless manner.

Shionogi & Co., Ltd.


The “purpose” of SHIONOGI Group is “to supply the best possible medicine to protect the health and wellbeing of the patients we serve.” As far as “Amplification of Lives” is concerned, we hope to better understand the diverse ways of “being alive” in the future and to better grasp the concept of “health,” and to consider what healthcare solutions SHIONOGI is uniquely positioned to provide.

Sysmex Corporation


We perceive the name and theme of the pavilion as uncovering further possibilities for “life” and, simultaneously, discovering new modes and further possibilities for “healthcare.” At Sysmex, since our foundation we have developed creative diagnostic technologies both to advance medicine and to enable people to live healthy lives; the progress of technology is likewise indispensable to the “Amplification of Lives.” We therefore believe that the theme of the pavilion is deeply interconnected with our business activities.

Japan Federation of Kaigo Business Providers Consortium Expo 2025


How the progress of technology will affect the perception and value of “life” within elderly care facilities, where many people spend the final years of their lives, is an important issue that requires consideration. We believe that technological advances will change how the elderly are dealt with by society. This goes not only for the elderly themselves, but also for the families that choose to send their relatives to such facilities, and to the care workers who interact with the elderly at these facilities.



At DENSO, we intend to map out an exciting mobility society of the future. When it comes to “future mobility,” we aim to understand the goal of mobility and the meaning of movement for the people in future society. The concept of “mobility” will undoubtedly stimulate people’s curiosity, and encourage growth and more abundant lives.

Hankyu Hanshin Holdings, Inc.


Together with Prof. Ishiguro and our fellow participating companies, we intend to consider what sort of society the people of the future will create as they fuse technologies, and what sort of public transportation and cities Hankyu Hanshin should provide for this future society. We hope that working with our co-creators will enable us to provide concrete expressions of the railroads and cities we envisage for the future at the Future of Life pavilion.

KYOCERA Corporation


Integrating humans and cutting-edge scientific technologies such as robots and AI can expand the possibilities of life. This integration leads to new visions for humans and society and encourages the creation of a future society in which humans and robots coexist. Such a future aligns with our management philosophy of coexisting harmoniously with society, the global community, and nature. It also accords with the concept of “Living Together,” which lies at the heart of all our corporate activities and our goal of creating a world of prosperity and peace.

Fujikin Incorporated


The name of Prof. Ishiguro’s pavilion is “Future of Life,” and we believe the goal of the pavilion is to provide a glimpse into how life and society will evolve over the next 50 years. The fusion of humanity and technology will dramatically expand the possibilities of life; at Fujikin, we hope that the flow control technologies we specialize in can contribute to this increased potential.



HORIBA specializes in “measurement and analysis” technologies that help keep people safe and healthy. Measuring and understanding unseen issues will be vital for promoting the progress of AI and other technologies that underpin growing life expectancy and increasingly diverse lives. As a measuring and analysis solutions provider, we intend to create abundant environments for humans and for all other forms of life, and contribute to the creation of a future circular economy.

Iwase Cosfa Co., Ltd.


Iwase Cosfa is a cosmetics and health foods materials trading company, and we have defined our mission as “giving greater happiness to a greater number of people through beauty and health .” Through new science and technology, we will continue to expand opportunities for everyone to live a healthy life, encourage mutual respect between people while enabling everyone to draw into their own individual beauty to live a life worth living – and at Iwase Cosfa we will strive to help make such a diverse future a reality.



Based on our corporate philosophy of “giving shape to ideas of beauty and health, and creating happy futures,” since our founding in 1941 we have pursued the possibilities of “beauty and health” through the development, manufacture, and sales of cosmetics. “Beauty and health” are the very essence of “life,” and we are delighted to be involved in the Future of Life pavilion, which seeks to explore the possibilities of “life” in the future.



Prof. Ishiguro’s vision for the pavilion is to showcase how we can develop and fuse science and technology to expand the possibilities of life, and to create new ways of being alive. We intend to use our expertise to support the expression of this vision, and going forward. We also hope to draw on this vision to improve the quality of our business.