[All-Company Co-creation Meeting #3] Product Ideas for 2075: Mapping out the Future of Life
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[All-Company Co-creation Meeting #3] Product Ideas for 2075: Mapping out the Future of Life

The Future of Life Co-creation Project 2025 was founded in 2021 by Producer ISHIGURO Hiroshi and the seven Platinum and Silver Partner participating companies. The project takes a cross-industry look at how society and life might be 50 years in the future, in 2075. At the fourth All-Company Co-creation Meeting, participating companies gathered under a single roof for the final time. This important meeting was an opportunity for each company to showcase unique and refined product ideas, and to present scenarios incorporating their products that will be shown in the pavilion’s Future Theater.

For more information on the previous All-Company Co-creation Meeting, please see this article.

Each Participating Company Announces Three Products

To begin with, each of the seven companies that had participated since the inaugural All-Company Co-creation Meeting (HASEKO Corporation, KOKUYO Co.,Ltd., Shionogi & Co., Ltd., Sysmex Corporation, Japan Federation of Kaigo Business Providers Consortium Expo 2025, DENSO CORPORATION, Hankyu Hanshin Holdings, Inc.) announced three new products they had refined over the course of discussions at previous All-Company Co-creation Meetings and at internal meetings. Each company’s products were unique—but because the member companies had engaged in repeated face-to-face talks, there were connections between individual products, and they were bound by a sense of unity.

*Companies are listed below in the order in which they announced their products. Comments have been excerpted and edited.

We explored what forms of mobility might best fulfil individual intellectual curiosity. Based on the concepts of “play” and “intellectual curiosity,” we came up with three products capable of deepening our understanding of ourselves and of others. We formulated a vision for what “Empathetic lives” might look like in the future—lives in which the use of AI-linked products empower people to deepen their relationships with themselves and with other people; to more fully comprehend themselves and others; and to respect themselves and others.

Hankyu Hanshin Holdings, Inc.
The products we came up with include next-generation forms of public transport that maximize the value of mobility; tools that enable “towns” along Hankyu Hanshin lines that we wish to see and “people” that we wish to meet to be realized in the metaverse; and encounters tailored to our demands, feelings, and physical condition. We created a vision of future mobility, encounters, and towns in which humans have fused with scientific technologies.

HASEKO Corporation
We came up with continuous-learning AI products that provide multifaceted support for living; household products that freely morph and expand in line with lifestyles and usage scenarios; and condominium products that enable people to recycle resources and energy and thereby reduce their environmental footprint and coexist in harmony with nature. In our vision for future homes, people are capable of choosing how they wish to live and of expanding their horizons.

Shionogi & Co., Ltd.
We devised products that carry out internal body monitoring to optimize immune functions; products that optimize cognition and behavior through experiences; and products that act as concierges, linking these two products to humans. We have created a future way of optimizing immune, cognitive, and behavioral functions.

Sysmex Corporation
Our focus was on enriching human minds. We came up with ideas for products that expand the mind’s capacity by leveraging dream experiences; products that provide support for visualizing the future and designing life plans that are full of hope; and products that enable expansive communication that transcends the human body. Each of these products utilizes nanomachines that take measurements of the mind inside the body and contribute to the creation of a vision for healthcare that “fulfils the mind” and that promotes energetic lifestyles.

Japan Federation of Kaigo Business Providers Consortium Expo 2025
Our products are centered on services for designing our own deaths and what lies beyond. This includes the creation of nationally certified professions for providing such services; small-scale self-propelled robots that accumulate all manner of information from the day someone is born to the day they die; and non-humanoid robots that support everyday lifestyles. We believe that the advance of medical technologies will mean that, in 2075, death will often be more difficult than it is now. In such a world, people will proactively face up to and make choices regarding death and what lies beyond. In short, we came up with a vision for the future of “death.”

We created a vision for the future of learning by breaking the learning process down into its component elements: goal setting and interests; self-awareness; creating contact points with others; and practice and experience. We then came up with three products: tools that help people make decisions about their futures; tools that sympathize with people and accompany them in their lives; and co-creation tools that amplify the possibilities of self-learning by creating points of contact with others.

First-time Participants KYOCERA and HORIBA Address the Meeting

Following the presentations by the seven companies, Kyocera Corporation, which has been participating in the All-Company Co-creation Meeting since October 2023 as a Bronze Partner for technical cooperation, made a welcome address as a first-time participant in the Meeting and presented its concept for the future. HORIBA Ltd., another Bronze Partner of the technical cooperation, explained how they are involved in constructing the Pavilion and under what concept.

KYOCERA Corporation
Our vision for the future revolves around an augmented society that has been liberated from various restrictions. We came up with three technologies each for breaking down restrictions that exist in energy use and communications technologies under the themes of “energy that harmonizes with life” and “communications that transmit life.” Believing that technological innovations will liberate humankind, we envisage a future that is far more dynamic than today.

We reported our involvement in the exterior that invites visitors into the core exhibition within the pavilion, as well as the connection between our analysis and measurement technologies and the concepts of “Shores: Edge of Water” (architectural concept) and “Amplification of Lives”.
Our challenge in the Expo 2025 project is to “create symbols of life” through our analysis and measurement technologies.
Looking ahead 50 years into the future, our goal at the pavilion is to showcase innovative technology that can be used to analyze and measure the Earth’s environment. By overlaying measured data points and connecting all types of data worldwide, we aim to provide a comprehensive analysis of the planet’s health. Those technologies can contribute towards a healthier, sustainable, and better future.

For further information about “Shores: Edge of Water,” please see the report entitled “[Secrets of Development #2: Architecture] Dip beneath the veil of water, be led to into the future. The aspirations behind the architecture”

Each Company Finalizes Scenarios Incorporating Their Products and Future Visions

At the previous All-Company Co-creation Meeting, participating companies for the first time gave presentations and received feedback on the scenarios they intended to show at the pavilion’s Future Theater. Having significantly refined them in the interim, this time the participating companies revealed highly finished scenarios in which their products and future visions had been carefully incorporated into story form, to audible admiration from their fellow participants.

CHOCOLATE Inc., a company specialized in entertainment content planning, have been working on the scenarios. Going forward, CHOCOLATE will work together with the participating companies to fine-tune the scenarios, which will be reflected in the pavilion’s exhibits and hands-on experiences.

Ishiguro was effusive in his praise: “Having undergone numerous discussion-based revisions, these excellent scenarios now encapsulate the products of the companies, and reflect the complexity and diversity of society in a clear manner. Let us use these scenarios as a stepping stone to more in-depth discussions.”

Participating Companies Reveal Their Thoughts for the Pavilion and for 2075

To conclude the meeting, representatives from each participating company gave a final comment about the pavilion and 2075.

*Key points excerpted from comments

    ・We had previously not even thought about the future in 2075—but over the course of our meetings, we have begun to look forward to 2075. I hope to still be alive in 50 years’ time, so that I can see how our visions compare with reality with my own eyes.
    ・I believe these visions and ideas will be realized before 2075—indeed, it is up to us to ensure they are realized.
    ・Even if it seems impossible today, even if obstacles stand in our way, we must overcome them and continue to dream. The future is uncertain—and I plan to enjoy seeing what it has in store.
    ・I believe that the pavilion will show visitors that life can be fun even in old age. I plan to take my own children and talk to them about the future 50 years from now.
    ・I want the pavilion to be a place where visitors can deepen their understanding of the processes we devised and discussed at the All-Company Co-creation Meetings.
    ・While I want visitors to empathize with the futures we present, I also want the pavilion to be a space that presents visitors with diverse choices—and that reassures them that it is ok to reject the futures we have presented.

After the representatives had spoken, Ishiguro himself took to the stage: “We have been able to engage in rich discussions thanks to the abundance of talented personnel who have assembled here today. It is from environments such as these that new ideas are born. Encounters between different fields lead to the creation of new fields such as genetic engineering. Companies from different fields have gathered here today and connected—and this, too, should result in the birth of new ideas. Let us value the connections we have made and, in a year’s time, let us reconvene at the Expo with smiles on our faces.” And so the fourth and final All-Company Co-creation Meeting concluded with an unprecedented sense of unity among the attendees.

The All-Company Co-creation Meetings have now concluded, and it is on to the Next Stage. Let us unite and accelerate our initiatives as we move closer to 2025.

Creating Scenarios for the Pavilion’s Future Theater 
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